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Date & Time


Time Table
Oct 25 (Fri) 8:00
Oct 26 (Sat) 3:00
Oct 26 (Sat) 8:00
Oct 27 (Sun) 3:00
Oct 27 (Sun) 8:00

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“…What a smell!! … What are they thinking about customer! So annoying!…”
Stage is begin with screaming by annoying woman. The woman who has born from wealthy family but has weird hobby like stealing met other thief at the mall. When they tried to make some friendship they caught by a security who is patrolling the mall. Security call the police with exciting mood but because of blackout of whole town, officers are not coming fast. After few hours, These boring 3 peoples are begin to talk and it made weird ending. Hilarious comedy by weird combination of three people! Can you imagine how is the end will be?

Theatre Information



Public Transportaion

1 minute away from college station


Impark Parking : 2 Carlton St, M5B 1J3
Impark Parking : 40 Gerrard St E, M5B 2E8
Standard Parking : 76 Laplante Ave, M5G 1J6
* You should use pay parking

Direct's Message

You may heard people said about spoons in mouth. The story containing three people’s life. They born and raised in different environment and they made reasonable choices in their lives. In Korea, We have famous proverb which is “Caterpillar can live when they eat leaf.”. It means people should know their place. But I am trying to eat something else and I would like to offer to audience as well.

The story that I and my cast trying to show you is a comedy. We are trying to give you simple relaxing time with an easy subject. I hope ‘Spoon’ makes the audience fun.

– Peter Lee

Performance Notice

Screaming sound will come out in several points, Kids might be surprised.
English subtitles will be shown on the screen during the show.


Grace Kim (Thief A)
Bokyung Jeon (Thief B)
Bora Kim (Thief B)
Thomas Baek (Security)

Produce team

Writer / Producer
Peter Lee
Assistant Producer
Jaime Park
Producing Manager
Cindy Lee
Tech Support
Soobin An


Media Support

Additional information


25 일 (금) 저녁 8시, 26일 (토) 오후 3시, 26일 (토) 저녁 8시, 27일 (일) 오후 3시, 27일 (일) 저녁 8시

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